Monday, 22 June 2009

#2 - No Excuses

A.K.A. I should be getting better at this.

So, with the official news that Carlos Tevez (pictured) will not be staying at Manchester United journalist, bloggers and myself are wondering what to write about for the upcoming months. With the two big ones of transfers almost certainly done and dusted there will soon be an escalation of transfer rumours.

Still, speculation will be strife as to why Tevez is leaving. Despite being able to speak about 3 words in as many years as he's stayed in England. Carlito really seems to love it here. So why did he leave? Well, as much as the claim about first team football may be raised, with Cristiano Ronaldo gone did he really think he wouldn't be getting more games? Or is it Kia Joorabchian. Who is almost certainly all about the money. Obviously, all we come clear with who exactly Tevez signs for. Stay tuned... find out on Sky Sports News first.. then come back here a few days later.

Karim Benzema, who has one of those infuriating shaven-lines-in-head bit seems to be the next moody striker on the way to Old Trafford. This will no doubt lead to a mood-off between Benzema and Berbatov. Which could only lead to certain destruction, or them starting a Shoe-Gaze band.

Franck Ribery still linked. Still looks like the "forgotten" Neville brother that was locked in a basement for years.

Other speculation links us with Samuel Eto'o'o'o'o'o'o'o! Who'o is quite good. Though surely won't be moving anywhere until Barca bring someone else in.

Probably-crap rumour as well saying Jose Mourinho (star of Special 1-TV) is trying to get Hard Bastard Kiko Macheda. No chance. I can say that for sure.

Saving the most insane piece of news to last. United have also been linked with a swoop for Iker Casillas. The best goalkeeper in the world. He has to be, to keep any cleansheets in front of defenders of the quality of Real Madrid for the last 5 or so years. Does anyone even remember when Cannavaro was good? Did we all just make it up?

In intertnational news...


No I can't bare to write about it. It's just not a fun subject.

What's unknown Portuguese winger doing? Who knows?

This shorter blog was brought to you by;

  • Pure will power.
  • Being woken up early by the postman.
  • The tiny hope that there maybe a nice summer coming up soon.
  • Anger at not being able to fit's Word of the Day "Copses" anywhere in side the blog. Oh. I just did it.


  1. nice, love ur style, ur flow and ur sarcasm, its brilliant keep it up. Like how u "gloss over" the news withot really mentioning too much.

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