Thursday, 17 September 2009

#20 - Rage

After a match that didn't quite serve up entertainment like our match against Spurs. We left Besiktas with a win, and 3 very good points away from home in a very tough climate thanks to Paul Scholes' very clever headed finish.

If anyone at all is worried about Wayne Rooney (pictured) and his temperment then they shouldn't be. Although he has matured a huge amount since he joined us way-back-when he of course still has his hot streak. And giving some stick to Turkish fans (maybe it was polite conversation?) and throwing down his boot in anger next a very worried looking Fabio isn't really much but a refreshing display of passion. Thankfully, since Wayne Rooney is english we will not be getting any headlines like "Rooney wants out to Real Mardid". Every time Cristiano Ronaldo did a sulk it was essential the same thing but no one blew it over quite so easily.

In spite of our win for this week at least, we sit second in our group due to Wolfsburg's impressive 3-1 win over CSKA. Although essentially now if we get 3 home wins we're home and try and through to the last 16.

Sir Alex Ferguson has tipped Paul Scholes to continue to play forever. Which is good news of course. With Ryan Giggs also set to play until the end of time as well only AC Milan can look on in envy of our experienced stars. Expect a £50m bid from Milan for Ryan Giggs in about 3 years.

Patrice Evra (still, why not a chant for him?) has continued to be a legend again. Saying that he'd boo (old best friend) Carlos Tevez with the United fans. Paddy Evra probably has more love for this club than some of our homegrown players.

David Silva is apparently going to leave Valencia sometime soon according to the press just because he said the ol' phrase "things can change in the future". But either way, we must be over that like flies over poo-poo. If not, I will start by own club and put in a bid for him.

Craig Cathcart as joined Watford on loan until january. Nothing to see here...

Does anyone else find it strange that English international Owen Hargreaves will not be counted as a home grown player under the new Premier League rules? True he hasn't been trained in England but he is (essentially) English.

So. Most importantly next up is Manchester City at home this sunday. City may well be without Robinho, Tevez and Adebayor. We may well be without Rio Ferdinand. Ben Foster will still having ringing in his ears after "not being able to think" due to the noise in Turkey.

Besides that though, we've still got a great team in what will be one of the most hotly contested Mancunian derbies in years. I'm practically on the edge of my seat already. Or so Sky Sports would want me to be.

This blog has been brought you by;
  • Thinking Flavio Briatore was just really clever for making Nelson Piquet Jr. crash in Singapore.
  • Still not caring about the UEFA Cup... uh... Europa League.
  • Trying to think of a catchy chant for Paddy Evra.


  1. How about

    Patrice's on fire

  2. Hahah, I quite like that. Hopefully he doesn't actually set on fire though.

  3. Paddy Evra's been the best in his position for the last three seasons, legend!!! About Hargo, it is weird that you can represent the national team for which you have to be considered english but not for the club as a home grown [english] player!
    Citeh have only Bellamy up front, if scholes is being rested, i hope we play gibson rather than carrick, the way he has played this season.....
    Any idea why we are playing Neville instead of De Laet or why he is not on the bench. He looked very good and should be given more opportunities. Specially that Fergie thinks that is a problem area.

  4. What's even worse is that in a couple of years Rafael and Fabio will be counted as homegrown and Hargo still won't be!

    As far as De Laet goes, I have no idea. Although I never get chance to watch our reserves play he did look good for his few first team appearances. I'm not surprised he didn't play against Besiktas and I think Neville's experience was needed then.

    I think he'll definitely be playing against Wolves in the Carling Cup though, Gibson as well.

  5. Woah. Rooney looks scary. I'd be pissing my pants if I were Lescott/Toure.