Thursday, 12 November 2009

#28 - Outbursts

Oh. Nani! Bless him. If he had a brain he'd be bloody brilliant. Unfortunately, he has not. His talent is frequently wasted with poor decisions. Then every now and then he'll do something absolutely superb. Like a true winger, really.

If you're not big on news, but big on frequently unattractive females with big tits (that's what the 4th beer of the night is for), you probably read The Sun or something similar. Yes I realise I made fun of tabloids (pictured) in the last blog post but I may as well keep up a good rhythm. The Sun loves to sensationalise more than anyone.

Let's see how they took this:
Big headline - You’re screwing up my career (in capitals, of course) Here's his actual quotes:

"Ferguson is a very complicated man. He's tough. If things are all right, then they are all right. But when he thinks something is wrong, everything is screwed. He can go from complimenting you to just plain trashing you in a matter of minutes. Has it happened to me? Hell, yes! He'll say 'Nani, how could you miss this or this'?"

Not exactly a revelation so far.
"He shouts at players in front of everyone. No one escapes, everybody is the same. Giggs and Neville suffer most, because they have more experience. It is 'Fuck' here and 'Fuck' there."

Old news.

"People expect more from me and it's not easy. But they are also not doing what they said they were going to. I know it would be better if I scored more goals. I can have a spectacular game but nobody guarantees me I will be starting the next match. It shatters your confidence. I did not play the important matches, against Liverpool, Manchester City or Tottenham. Not playing these games, I am a bit sad. But for now I am not considering leaving."

Is his career being mismanaged? "As it is now, I think so."

Well. Maybe if you played better then, Nani. Still not biggie. He has the right to complain about not getting a run of games, because he's not at all. None of our squad are. Whether that helps in the long run for a long season or hinders player development for now... is a matter for people who are getting paid to write about things like this. For free... this all you get from me.

Cutting out The Sun's keywords of "astonishing", "explosive", and of course "no-holds-barred". Which make it sound like a pretty good wrestling cage match.. really there's not much to see here.
If I ran a paper (I'll call it Gazzetta della Me) the headline would be "disgruntled player is disgruntled".


  1. This blog was brought to us by...?

  2. I've given up thinking of things... but I'll go for...

    Chippy tea.
    Laughing at when extremely overweight people wear Tapout clothes, as if it makes them look like an MMA fighter.
    Watching reruns of Takeshi's Castle!

  3. :) thanks for obliging.

    Don't give up. I really enjoy your blogs and the things that bring it to us.

    And, of course, the pictures :)