Tuesday, 21 July 2009

#11 - Victory

A.K.A. Take that, Malaysia!

After two clear victories over Malaysia (pictured) we have clearly shown to the world how much better we are than pesky Malaysia as they surrender to the will of Michael Owen. As almost inevitable Owen got himself on the score sheet in both of his games. Still. It's pre-season. It's a friendly. And it's Malaysia. Any judgments made now would be foolish until it gets into actual competitive fixtures.

On bizarre Malaysia related news. A fan who attened the match was stabbed twice in the chest by his wife after coming home late. She then took him to hospital. In possibly related news. The sales of mail order brides from Malaysia has dipped in England.

Frenchman Frank Ribery was apparently "explored" by David Gill in his trip to Munchen. This is hardly a feat that can be compared to say, Sir Francis Drake, but still it's slight news to report on. Of course, Bayern Munchen (like the German equivalent of Spurs) no doubt asked for £190,000,000 for his signature. £1,000,000 for a signed photograph though.

Manchester City's 3rd choice striker Carlos Tevez is apparently not worth the £25m according to Sir Alex. Although in a world where a player under £20m these days is apparently a bargain, who knows? Meanwhile. In a darker corner of Manchester, Roque Santa Cruz weeps quietly and talks about how he used to play football once. Before diving into a pool of £50 notes.

United are apparently "battling" Chelsea to sign Douglas Costa. With Gremio constantly asking for about £20m and United and Chelsea seemingly offering about £8m, is it time to get rid of the translator?

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles David Beckham's been heckled by his own fans. The comically named "Riot Squad" (who have to date, caused zero riots) gave Becks plenty of stick as he returned from playing for a club that's about a hundred times better, in which he showed improved form and continued with more England appearances. Banners included "Is evil something u do, or something u are?" Fans of spelling everywhere cringe. Still. Did any L.A. Galaxy fans for one minute think Beckham was going to their club not to earn lots of money and hang out with insane scientologists who like giant bottles of wine?

This blog has been brought to you by;
  • Galaxy chocolate.
  • Quickly ducking away from any sneezes.
  • Wondering what else there is to do on a tuesday afternoon.


  1. From my scrabble playing experience on facebook - most of the people i play against are either from england , australia or canada . not an american in sight . hence, no wonder they make ''fans of spelling everywhere cringe''!

    also , i love galaxy chocolate and mickey owen !

  2. Hahaha. America is terrible for spelling. As well as geography, history, and well - they have a lot to answer for!

    Galaxy Ripple's are a personal favourite.

    Mickey Owen though, looks like he really wants to impress. If he stays fit we've got a guaranteed goal machine. Maybe we could be the first team to actually physically wrap a player up in cotton wool.

  3. haha..Didn't we do that with saha already ? oh right , we've been over that !
    do you realize we have two crocks named owen in our team now ? although i love both and think they'll win us our 4th consecutive title . yay!

    haven't tried ripple yet . i think we only get one variety of galaxy in india . not sure which one that is

  4. Yes, I know any judgements would be foolish at this stage. But still. Owen looks great!

  5. Like ur blog..interested in a link exchange? let me know. ta now. Rob


  6. Anant: You probably just get the normal chocolate, which is still delicous. The Ripple's are sort of, erm.. I'm not sure how to describe them but they're beautiful. It'd be worth a trip to England for it!

    hakanrylander: Yeah, he has looked really good. He's definitely not the same player I saw at Newcatle.

    Rob: I'll be glad to put your link up, no problems!

  7. Mate if, no when , i do go to England it'll be for one reason only . Although I'll add galaxy ripple on my to-check-out list along with the likes of Danielle Lloyd and the rest of them WAGs .

  8. Not a fan of any of the WAGs myself.. I'm pretty sure we've got better.