Saturday, 4 July 2009

#7 - Shock

A.K.A. "WTF?!? HE IZ NOT WORF £30,000,000 DEN HE IS NT GD, K?!?"

With many United fans going absolutely ape-shit at the signing of free Michael Owen (pictured) you must wonder if they have any perspective at all? As United fans we've been spoiled with big money signings pretty much season in and season out. For some reason though, when we've signed a free player people have gone crazy. Does it matter that he used to play for Liverpool, anymore? Really? It's common place for players to transfer from Inter to Milan. Inter to Juventus. Even Barca to Real Madrid. Yet, this.. a free agent who used to play for Liverpool a long time ago seems to be annoying a strange bunch of United fans. Apparently his Liverpool past taints him in some way. Who did Sir Matt Busby play for, by the way?

If anything if he avoids the Hargreaves-Saha Centre (former Physio room) then he could be an absolute steal. It took me a bit, but if I can get round it to seeing it's a good deal (with no risk) then others should be able to.

With my mini-rant over. Michael Owen isn't the only news recently. Here's some more;

We've knicked yet another Italian and possibly enraged the Pope, as much like Rossi, Macheda and Petrucci before him. Empoli's Alberto Massaci has joinned up. If Carlos Alberto thinks we're still raping Brazil then I don't want to know what we're doing to Italy.

Aswell as that we've also got Charlton Athletics' Sean McGinty. I know nothing about him. I can't think of anything interesting to say about it.

This bloggers' favourite player, pretend-Italian Rodrigo Possebon (sing the song, now!) has joined Braga on loan. Which is a shame as we won't get his floppy hair and amazing chant all season now.

Tevez says if he scores against United (assuming that someone actually signs him) then he's going to shout in Fergusons face. I'm absoultely certain no one since Mama Fergie in about 1947 has done this. I really don't think he'll be winning that one, Tevez. And until he actually gets a club I suppose he's just going to have to do it on FIFA or Pro Evo.

John Terry said he could have beaten United in the last Champions League final. I could have won Le Mans 24/7 also if I knew how to drive.

So with Antonio Valencia, Michael Owen and some kids. Who's next for United? Can we expect a big signing? Questions, questons.

This blog has been brought to you by;
  • Being uncertain that I'm using semi-colons correctly.
  • Sniggering at the word 'colon'.
  • The annoyance of reading internet forums sometimes.


  1. Glad you changed your opinion about owen . he's OURS now .

  2. I'd be a bit more annoyed if we were paying proper full time wages. But as a back up striker, we could do worse!