Saturday, 1 August 2009

#14 - Pogs

With another signing of a player none of us know anything about besides the occasional "I signed him on Football Manager!" there's really not too much to speculate about it. There's not even any Youtube videos for us to know nothing but then claimed to have seen him play regularly. Though what I can exclusively report to you is that Frenchman Paul Pogba (pictured) was certainly not signed because his name rhymes with Drogba. Also, he was born on March 15, that's the same as Mikael Fossell. Anyway his former club Le Harve are obviously angry that they lost out to him to a much better club. Of course, everything we did was perfectly legally so we'll harve our cake and eat it too. Ho, ho, ho!

Back in Germany we lost out in a penalty shoot-out to typically shoot-out effcient Germans, Bayern Munchen. With Evans having his penalty saved as we lose out on the Audi Cup. Such a shame. As we all wanted next years chant to be "Champions of England, Champions of Audi!". For anyone who's concerned about that result, don't be. It really means nothing.

Something that sort of means something is the Community/Charity/Pre-SeasonNothingMatch Shield match against Chelsea just one week tomorrow. First though is Valencia. The club that constantly teases bankruptcy but never actually goes that final step. Still. With all those links with us and David Villa or David Silva, wouldn't it be nice if we good just kidnap one of them?

Along the lines of players we might consider kidnapping. Here's one we don't want to kidnap anymore, Frank Ribery. Who's now decided he's not going anywhere. Which he's now saying because Madrid won't fork out that much for him. Despite possibly going to buy Xabi Alonso for £stupidmillion. At least he's still got his looks... sorry.

Although we may not to be about to cheer about how we are Champions of Audi, we are Champions of Milk! Our young guns won the Milk Cup (for actual details go to the excellent United Youth blog for a condensed report). We would usually have a tour bus for our young lads but that would really be milking it... sorry. I wish I could write more milk puns but I'm only skimming the news and don't have enough time and now need to moo-ve on. I'm sure you've got it anyway.

Henrik Larsson sadly is retiring from football after breaking a knee cap. Which I'm pretty sure only happens if you piss off the mafia. So I'll be starting the speculation that Henrik Larrson has links with the Mafia much like Sinatra did.

Well, it's nice to have things to write about.

This blog has been brought you by;
  • The sun! It's still here... for a minute or two.
  • Wondering if the DFB-Porkal Cup is the coolest looking football trophy.
  • Trying to get a Faroe Islands passport so I can play regular international football.


  1. No famous footballer's name rhymes with mine ! Life is so unfair .

  2. Ha! Thankfully my (real) surname is Cole. Which is a pretty easy one.

    Perhaps you should change your name to Anantatov.

  3. Errr , no thanks , I'll pass. Nothing rhymes with Wadhwa either . Try coming up with something for that !

  4. If you say it with a bit of an accent it almost rhymes with Solskjaer.. that's the best I can do.

  5. Haha . That's quite an honor . Thanks . So I shall be hoping they sign me up soon and hand me number 20 .