Sunday, 9 August 2009

#15 - Foyled

In another "devastating" cup defeat right up their with our penalty shoot out loss to Bayern Munchen in the Audi Cup. We are neither champions of the Community as we lose out on the Community Shield (pictured). Whatever that is supposed to mean anyway. Of course, people are rightly angry about the manner of Chelsea's goal. Although the result ended in a draw due to Rooney's fine goal it was the luck of a penalty shoot out that sent us home crying about our lack of community status. Patrice Evra was booked for a foul that really, just looked like every tackle Wes Brown has ever made. Oh well.

Of course, I don't care, you don't care and Chelsea don't care.

Short-sleeved Sir Alex cares of course, going as far as to saying the incident cost us the game. Perhaps a little too harsh since we did equalise later on, still. We've got a right to be furious... for a day. Until everyone forgets about it. Do you remember that charity shield match in 1996? No! No one does!

It's still lovely to know that we're just one week away from our first real game against Birmingham next week and all things considered it was quite a good performance, first half especially.

This comes after an impressive display against Valencia in the mid-week in which Valencia looked good. No, not Valencia... Valencia. The game was capped by a clever finish from Tom Cleverley. Oh. I've resorted to terrible puns lately.

A couple of days ago this bloggers favourite newspaper, The Guardian posted what had to be some sort of sick joke. Or perhaps their own attempt to win "Stupidest Transfer Rumours 2009" awards. David James was said to be on his way to us. And Nicky Butt of all people to Liverpool. It's hard to think of what to say to that. Where can you possibly start? What's the next rumour? Ian Rush for us and Bryan Robson to Liverpool?

Still. Rumours are sparse. Has anyone heard any good ones?

Our reserves though are still doing well under Ole. Even Tom Heaton has learned how to finish under Ole as he scored in the friendly against VV Katwijk of the Netherlands. Yes, the same VV Katwijk that have been General County Champions in '93, '94 and memorably '00. Heaton was substituted on as an emergency striker for Febian Brandy. That wasn't all though in another strange move kitman Ian Buckingham got in the game in the last minutes. Who's next?

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  1. I am listening to Lucero as I read this....and the shield in the picture is from my home state...

  2. Which state is it? I just searched for Community Shield and found something that wasn't the Community Shield.

    Good choice on Lucero!

  3. It's from Mobile, AL..a port city..I am from Birmingham which is 5 hours north.