Sunday, 23 August 2009

#17 - Redemption

Apparently a Manchester United XI side were involved in a football match at Turf Moor on wednesday... but this blogger doesn't know anything about that. As far as he is concerned it didn't happen.

We did absolutely definitely play against Wigan Atheltic yesterday (home fans pictured). After a first half reminicent of the match against Burnley we came out the second half and torn them a new one. Much to the dissapointment of Wigan Atheltic's only fan Fatty Pieman. With Rooney's brace, a Berbagol, Michael Owen's competitive first goal and a Nani free kick our scorers were exactly who we would have wanted. Ben Foster again made a few cracking saves as well and looked far more assured than he did a few weeks ago. Which gives people on internet forums (who on wednesday, in their wisdom along with the media procclaimed doom and gloom [which I will now refer to as dloom] to all. As United fans we should be used to the predictions of dloom) alot less to rant about.

Of course a 5-0 over a powerful but ultimately average Wigan Athletic side isn't cause for thinking about who will be facing in the Champions League final this year. A real test of how this new team will fare will come against an improved Arsenal team next weekend. Which just isn't the same fixture as it used to be, we miss Viera vs. Keane.

After seeing Darren Fletcher (actually!) football genius weave more of his magic in the centre of midfield it's more a question of "Fletcher and who?" in our midfield. With Scholes, Anderson, Carrick, and Gibson vying for that position. If we went back 5 years would any of us actually have thought Super Darren Fletcher would have turned out this good? It's a superb example of Sir Alex's guidance and keeping faith in our young guns.

Bad news though, Rio Ferdinand looks to be out for a full month and with Jonny Evans looking set to need surgery at some point in the future our defence could get a bit wobbly. Thankfully though T-1000* Nemanja Vidic and apparently now good John O'Shea we should be able to come through it unscaved.

*I realise the T-1000 was the one played by Robert Patrick and not Arnie but it sounds cooler.

Hm. Transfer rumours have dried up incredibly involving us lately. It's a damn drought out there. And I'm not going to sink myself as low as possible by checking Tribal Football. So I'm going to start making my own transfer rumours. I mean.. uh.. this 100% true from my Uncle's dog's cousin's best friend Susie who once knew a bloke called Ken who used to work at the trainning ground as a painter once.

In - Daniel Day-Lewis, Ronaldinho
Out - Dimitar Berbatov, Alan Keegan.

True. Daniel Day-Lewis is a direct replacement for Berbacool because he's the best damn actor in the world (watch My Left Foot) and if he got in character probably could be a professional footballer. Ronaldinho as our new announcer will be a little strange though.

This blog has been brought you by;
  • Craving some Coco Pops.
  • Being thankful F1 is back after their break.
  • Wondering why the Premier League doesn't have a winter break or finish early before the World Cup?


  1. I totally agree with your opinion of Fletcher. It will be very interesting to see if he can keep on improving.

  2. Cheers!

    And yeah. If Fletch can keep improving he'll be in the top tier of Defensive Midfielders. He's been a machine the start of this season.

  3. this 100% true from my Uncle's dog's cousin's best friend Susie who once knew a bloke called Ken who used to work at the trainning ground as a painter once.

    Ha Ha. Ur Brilliant.