Sunday, 30 August 2009

#18 - Climbing

Despite being mostly the better team Arsene Wenger's (pictured) Arsenal were sent home with no points at all. Something David Bentley wouldn't mind. Although the performance wasn't exactly sensational the commentators favourite cliche of winning when you're not being at your best is certainly to quote another commentator cliche, is the hallmark of Champions. Climbing around Old Trafford though, Arsene, is the hallmark of stupidity. Still. 3 points in the bag against one of our main title contenders this season. There's not too much to complain about, but inevitably people will.

This becomes doubly annoying as the International... zzzz... zzzz... zzzz. Oh sorry. The tedious International Breakis coming up next. Is it just me that doesn't really care about international football during the season? I'm all for it afterwards but.. stop interrupting the leagues, damnit!

Also. Does anyone know what time exactly Darren Fletcher turned from pretty good into possible world beater? It's really outstanding how much he's improved over the seasons. Certainly now surely Roy Keane can understand why people in Scotland rave about Darren Fletcher.

Anyway. When we do come back after the international break the Champions League kicks back in again. We were given a draw of such equally sort-of-good teams that's actually quite tough. Especially Wolfsburg and CSKA Moscow. Besiktas though, who were humiliated by Liverpool 8-0 a couple of years ago.. surely we should be looking forward to a double figures victory?

Speaking of cup draws. Our Carling Cup draw of course faces us with a Premier League team, thankfully not a particularly tough one. Mick McCarthy's Wolverhampton Wanderers will be our opponents for the reserves. Is it just me that really enjoys watching them?

So no Manchester United for a few weeks... what to do... what to do?

This blog has been brought to you by;
  • Absolutely hating the colour commentator for ESPN's coverage of Serie A. Who successfully got every player wrong in the Roma vs. Juventus match.
  • Banana Milkshakes.
  • Deciding which International team to support for a few weeks.


  1. Agreed. Wenger did made a fool out of himself and i too dread these internationals.
    Well, Spurs away would be a tough match but Modric' injured that's a plus.

  2. I think games like Spurs away are going to be defining our season this year. Those sort of Europa League teams away are the games I think determine the league. I never thought the top 4 took enough points of each other for it to really matter.

  3. Mate, put yourself on here:, so that I can add you on my RoM toolbar and get your feeds just like I get from other blogs (like Scott's, Simon's et al.) and news media.

    BTW, I read all your articles in one sitting. I think you should name me as an honorary reader or follower, or even name a province out of your kingdom after me. Better yet, just gift me a province.

  4. It's quite early and that Conduit site looks like it may need some sort of effort. I will do it whenever I'm home though.

    If I give you a province what title do you want? Duke? Baron? Viscount? Earl?

  5. Long time no post . Adding boredom to already dull existence. Ah, at least the weekend is here .