Tuesday, 18 August 2009

#16 - Finally

Finally the season has got underway. Celebrations in all parts of the globe were heard last weekend by all sorts of people. At least that's what the Premier League (pictured) in it's constant effort to hype itself up would like you to believe anyway.

A good day for United fans on sunday. After watching us win our first opening game since 2006-2007 season with a comfy 1-0 win over Brummy City. With some United fans regarding freebie Michael Owen as a failure due to his one well saved shot by Joe Hart, this blogger may soon have to ignore reading any message board to make himself ignorant to stupidity. These will be the same people who lambasted Ben Foster as terrible last week and now would rather him in their team than Iker Casillas after his excellent save later on in the match.

With Wayne Roney's goal he looks set to be on course for a season filled with plenty of goals, unless of course he has to play centre back next weekend. With Ferdinand out for two weeks and Vidic and Evans looking doubtful no one is quite sure who will be playing there. One-nutmeg-every-seven-years O'Shea did have a decent game at centre back but do we have any experience to cover in the centre? Mayor of Manchester Gary Neville is still an uncertainty over he will ever be able to string games together or spent his later years like a goateed Ledley King. Craig Cathcart is fastly inexperienced at this level as well but needs must.

Our reserves could still do a job for our main squad though. They did pick up the Lancashire Senior Cup (don't tell anyone Manchester isn't a part of Lancashire anymore) with a late winner from Kiko Macheda. Which under a team managed by Ole Gunnar that will probably be the norm.

Transfers rumours now come on an occasional basis. Gone are they days we'd be linked with one new random midfielder every day. Former player and current Stoke City player Ryan Shawcross has been one linked but he's been saying it's a shaw thing that he's not going. Sorry. Don't get cross.

The other rumours though continue on the more usual ridiuclous. With Barcelona fresh off doing nothing with Cesc Fabregas now wanting to do nothing with Nemanja Vidic. And the rumours of Sergio Aguero going somewhere are still a constant.

There's actual transfer news though. In a deal I thought was sorted out ages ago, Richard Eckersley is set to join Burnley. Which leads to much shrugged shoulders and general indifference everywhere. As well as that Tom Cleverley is sent out on loan to Watford and wondering what all the buzzing noise is. Daniel Drinkwater will be tasting the water in Huddersfield. Danny Simpson will be looking embarassed in Newcastle United's terrible away strip. Lastly Tom Heaton's also been loaned out to Queen's Park Rangers and wondering why the other players he's with are getting paid more than him.

In other news Patrice Evra continues to be a legend.

Despite that news being boring the season is back. And whilst we may have not been grabbing any major headlines there's been plenty of action. Phantom goals and Liverpool losing being the highlights.

This blog has been brought to you by;
  • Turning old.
  • The annoying sound of a hoover.
  • Wondering how long I could survive in an Irish bar with a fake Irish accent and constantly exclaiming "Roy Keane!"


  1. Excellent,Excellent Blog. Like it a lot.
    Looking forward for more of the same. :)

    P.S: Pls update the blog more regularly. :P
    i m gettin kinfa addicted with it. :P

  2. I was one of those who slated Foster last weekend, and although he did impress me this time around I'm not going to get my expectations up. He conceded a shocking goal to Malaysia in pre-season and although I wouldn't put all the blame on him for either goal last weekend(Foy was equally responsible), his overall performance left a lot to be desired. He definitely seems uncomfortable with the ball at his feet and makes a meal of clearances when put under pressure. I'm not saying he isn't good enough to take over from Van Der Saar, but we can't put all our faith into him just yet. Only time will tell wether those errors were due to lack of games/confidence or are a part of his game. I do believe Kus too deserves a chance to prove himself, he hasn't ever made any big blunders when called upon as far as I can remember(sort of like O'Shea or Brown, who people keep criticizing for no apparent reason).

    I think the Vidic agent quotes were made up tabloid nonsense.

    Also, isn't Manchester in Lancashire? I always thought it was due to the proximity of the Old Trafford cricket stadium used by the Lancashire county team for their games.

  3. andsolskjaerhaswonit... - Thank you very, very much! =) There'll be plenty more soon!

    anant - Foster does look very dodgy with kicks if anything isn't on his left foot I think. Kus I don't mind for cup games but he gives me no confidence when I watch him play.

    Vidic's agent has just said it was tabloid nonsense, thankfully! I was almost almost worried.

    Manchester was in Lancashire but now it's (and Wigan, Bolton, Oldham etc.) all a part of Greater Manchester instead. Although some people still write Lancashire on their address and really.. no one cares if they do or don't.

  4. Cheers Mate. :)

    I for one is really willing to give Benji Foster more playing time and his save against Benitez really made my day.
    I am not highly optimistic about PIG' chances at the club and i really don't feel confident when hes between the sticks.

    Glad to hear Vidic' staying although he mite not stay here for long, his missus is making all type of wrong noises. :X

    And Cleverly scored on his debut. :)